Online participation

In addition to personal attendance and experience which is highly appreciated, the organisers extended the participation opportunity in virtual format, thinking of those colleagues who are not able to safely travel due to the pandemic. DDRS2021 is organised in hybrid format, hence all registered and invited delegates will be able to attend, give a talk or hold a poster presentation.

If you registered for the meeting, and for any reasons you are not able to come, the organisers appreciate advance notification that you participate virtually.

How can you listen to talks?

Using our virtual conference platform is easy as ABC. You do not have to download or install anything and you do not need enormous internet access. The login credentials will be different from your registration details, the username and password will be generated by the organisers and will be sent to you before the Conference on Saturday, 13 November, or the 14 November the latest. Please note, that we will use e-mail addresses given by you during your application, and usually this is the address where we send all communications.

During the Conference we will stream the live presentations which will appear on the screen of the conference lecture hall, all online live and pre-recorded presentations will also be streamed, each block of sessions will be ended by a live Q&A panel. It is foreseen that live and virtual presenters will also be represented in the Panel Discussion at the same time.

You can ask our presenters in writing and participate in the work of the discussion in writing. If your time zone is not convenient for the timing of the live scientific programme, which corresponds to Central European Time (CET), you are able to watch and listen to the lecture on the following day as they will be recorded with the consent of our speakers of course.

Our stream will be transmitted by Vimeo, it might be blocked by some firewalls (mainly in big institutional architectures), if you know any issues on your network, contact your system administrator to allow Vimeo prior to the event.

How can you see the online poster presentations?

Beside the conventional poster session format, poster presenters who are not able to attend the in-person meeting, will present their posters online. This means that you will be able to see their posters and also their short video presentation (if submitted). As we have lots of ordinary posters, these posters will not be available on the online platform. Electronic posters, however, will be printed out and will be on display from Monday to Wednesday.

Who can get access to the DDRS2021 online conference platform?

On Friday, 12 November, each and every registered delegate got access (personalized login credentials) to the conference platform without asking for it.