List of Posters

Poster ID Presenting Author Title of Poster
P-01 ÁCS, András Structural Analysis of Human Glycoproteins by Tandem Mass Spectrometry
P-02 AGHRBI, Isameddin Transformation of Cilostazole Nanosuspension into Nanocrystal to Increase the Product Stability and Bioavailability
P-03 ALOUM, Lujain Possible Metabolic Transformation of Pinenes to Ionones
P-04 ANDRÁSI, Melinda Study of the Degradation of Human Insulin
P-05 ARANY, Petra Biocompatibility and Dissolution Profile of FDM 3D Printed PETG Tablets
P-08 BAKOS, Tamás Complement Activation-Related Pseudoallergy (CARPA) in Rats: The Example of Liposomal Amphotericin-B (AmBisome)
P-09 BALCI, Aylin Literature Search on the Association between Thiomersal and Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Fact or A Myth
P-10 BARNA, Ádám Tibor Comparative Dissolution Study of Coated Pellets Containing Microcrystalline Cellulose and Lactose as Core Materials
P-11 BASA, Bálint The Application of 3D Printing in the Formulation of Personalized Drug Delivery Systems
P-12 BASA-DÉNES, Orsolya Nano-Amorphous Oral Sirolimus Formulation Exhibits Low Inter-Individual Variability and Improved Exposure
P-14 BERECZKI, Ilona Glycopeptide Antibiotic Derivatives against Resistant Bacteria
P-15 BERTÓK, Béla Novel E3 Ligase Ligand Libraries for Degradation of Proteins Implicated in Malignant Diseases
P-16 CHAVOSHY, Fatemeh Development and Validation of a Stability-Indicating High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Method for the Determination of Domperidone in Bulk and Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms
P-17 CHUNGATH, Telny Thomas Development of Curcumin (Nutraceutical) Loaded Solid Lipid Nanoparticle and its Pharmacokinetic Assessment
P-18 COMAN, Virginia Impact of the One High Dose of Ceftazidime Administrated before Minimally Invasive Multimodal Endoscopic Prostate Surgery
P-19 CORRADINI, Danilo Computer-Assisted Approach for the Development of RP-HPLC Methods for the Separation and Quantification of Bioactive Plant Secondary Metabolites
P-21 CSÓKA, Ildikó Significance of QbD in Development of Nano Carriers Containing Anti-Neurodegenerative Drugs for Nose-to-Brain Delivery
P-22 DEMETER, Fruzsina Synthesis of Rhamnose-Containing Oligosaccharides, and their Interaction with a Horseshoe Crab Plasma Lectin (HPL)
P-23 DUONG, Viet Tram Toward Development of Peptide Subunit Vaccine for Tuberculosis
P-24 ERDAL, Sedef H. Preparation and Characterization of Electrospun Nanofibers Containing Naftifine
P-25 ERKEKOGLU, Pinar Synthesis and Characterization of New Hexahydroquinoline Derivatives, In Silico Determination of their Inhibitory Effects on Transforming Growth Factor Beta (TGF-β) and their Effects on Oxidative Stress In Vitro
P-26 FARKAS, Dóra Image Analysis: A Novel Method in the Assessment of Pharmaceutical Foams
P-27 FARSANG, Evelin Cation-exchange Chromatography for the Separation of Monoclonal Antibodies
P-28 FORGÁCH, László Novel Magnetic Prussian Blue Nanoparticles for In Vivo T1 MR-Imaging
P-29 FORGÁCH, László Novel Fluorescent Labelled, Pegylated Prussian Blue Nanoparticles for In Vivo Optical Imaging
P-30 GEGECHKORI, Vladimir I. Determination of the Anorexigenic Drug Sibutramine in Biologically Active Dietary Supplements
P-31 GEGECHKORI, Vladimir I. Determination of Psychotropic Drugs by Thin-Layer Chromatography
P-32 GERTSIUK, Modest Chemical-Analytical Control of Harmful Substances in the Quality Management System of Medicinal Plant Raw Materials
P-33 GÓRA, Róbert Determination of Amino Sugars in Blood Serum Samples by RP-HPLC Method
P-34 GÜNGÖR, Sevgi Importance of Membrane Selection in In Vitro Release Tests for Semisolid Drug Products
P-35 HAIMHOFFER, Ádám Cyclodextrin-Based Nanostructures
P-36 HASLER-NGUYEN, Nathalie EMA’s Proposed Guideline on Quality and Equivalence of Topical Products and Nanotechnology: Future Advances and Challenges
P-37 HEGEDŰS, Nikolett Development of 99mTc-Labeling Protocol for Hydrogel-Based Microspheres
P-38 HERCZEG, Mihály Modified Heparin Analogue Oligosaccharides: Synthesis and Biological Activity
P-40 ILISZ, István Enantioselective Separations Based on High-Performance Liquid Chromatography
P-42 JADRIJEVIC-MLADAR TAKAC, Milena Estimating the Toxic Potential of Entactogens – In silico Study
P-43 JAKAB, Géza Development and Formulation of Baicalin-Loaded Self-Nanoemulsifying Matrix Pellets
P-44 JÓZSA, Liza Formulation and Investigation of Gels Containing Spirulina Powder
P-45 KAZSOKI, Adrienn Katalin Formulation and Complex Morphological Characterization of Core-Shell Fibrous Mats for Chronic Wound Healing
P-46 KECSKEMÉTI, Gábor Quantitative Determination of ABC and SLC Transporters in Different Cell Cultures by NanoLC-MS/MS
P-47 KEDVES, Alfonz Effect of Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles on the Performance of Aerobic Granular Sludge Wastewater Treatment System
P-48 KIRÁLY, Márton Investigating the Influence of Temperature and Light Stress to the Activity and Structural Changes of Lactase Enzyme
P-49 KOMESLI, Yelda ARBs-correlated Celiac-like Enteropathy
P-50 KÕRKJAS, Arle Application of Automated Ultrasound Signal Generator in the Development of Electrospun Multi-Layered Polymeric Nanofibrous Structures
P-51 KÖRMÖCZI, Tímea Metabolomic Characterization of Newest Designer Drugs
P-52 KÓSA, Dóra Challenges of Oral Protein Administration
P-53 KOZMA, Gergely Roles of Anti-Drug Antibodies and Complement Activation in the Severe Anaphylactoid Reactions to PEGylated Liposomes in a Porcine Model
P-54 KRASNIQI, Ermira A Review of Regulatory Guidelines for Assurance of Medicinal Product Quality throughout their Lifecycle
P-55 LENGYEL, Miléna Hydrocolloid Gel-Formers and Polyvalent Cations in the Formation of Microparticles
P-56 LOHNER, Szilvia Ágnes Newest Techniques in the Investigation Procedure of Counterfeit/Illegal Medicinal Products
P-57 MADGE, Harrison Cyclic Lipopetide Vaccine Candidates Exhibit Self Adjuvanting Properties and Induce High Titers of Opsonic IgG against Multiple Strains of Group a Streptococcus Clinical Isolates
P-58 MAGRAMANE, Sabrina Formulation of Apigenin-Loaded Liposomes for Pulmonary Delivery
P-59 MINGHETTI, Paola Evaluation of a Pneumatic Tube System for Deliverying Nivolumab Diluted Solutions
P-60 MINGHETTI, Paola Insights for a Risk-Assessment Tool to Manage Medicines’ Shortages
P-61 MÓRICZ, Ágnes High-Throughput Screening for Bioactive Natural Compounds from Plant Dxtracts by HPTLC Hyphenations
P-62 NEMES, Dániel Cytotoxicity and Antimicrobial Action of Methyl and Butyl Paraben in Different Complex Co-Solvent Systems
P-63 ŐRFI, Erik Characteristics and Mechanisms of the Hypersensitivity Reactions Caused by Nanodrugs in Mice
P-64 ÖZALP, Yildiz Assigning the Components of a Self-Nanoemulsifying Drug Delivery System (SNEDDs) of Deferasirox
P-65 ÖZALP, Yildiz Evaluation of Different Pre-Processed Directly Compressible Paracetamol
P-66 ÖZSOY, Yildiz Development of Taste Masked Orally Disintegrating Tablets of Dexketoprofen by Using Quality by Design Approach
P-67 PAAVER, Urve Berberine-Loaded Nano-Liposomes Generated with Ethanol-Injection and Thin-Film Hydration Methods
P-69 YILDIZ PEKÖZ, Ayca Design and In Vitro Evaluation of Mucoadhesive Buccal Films for Treatment of Xerostomia (Dry-mouth)
P-70 PETŐ, Ágota Pharmacological Overview of the Drug Candidate BGP-15
P-71 PROSZENIKOV, Anita Development of New Sterilization Method for Ophthalmic Products Prepared in the Hungarian Pharmacies
P-72 RÓNAVÁRI, Andrea Biogenic Silver and Gold Nanoparticles against Opportunistic Pathogenic Yeasts and Dermatophytes
P-73 RAHMAN, Shiek Abdul Kadhar Mohamed Ebrah Habibur Development and Pharmacokinetic Assessment of Tetrahydrocurcumin Solid Lipid Nanoparticles
P-74 SINKA, David Critical Evaluation of Modified-Release Formulation Containing Silybum Marianum Herb Extract for Oral Application
P-75 SIPOS, Emese Evolution of Biosimilar Medicines on the Romanian Pharmaceutical Market
P-76 SKWARCZYNSKI, Mariusz Polymerized Amino Acids as a Self-Adjuvanting Delivery System for Vaccine against Group A Streptococcus
P-77 SMIRNOV, Vladimir V. Development and Validation of a Method for Quantitative Determination of Innovative Antitumor Peptide Drugs in Order to Study their Pharmacokinetics
P-78 SMIRNOV, Vladimir V. Physical Chemical Analysis of Fullerene Aqueous Dispersions
P-79 SOFIA, Natalia A Cross-Country Comparison of the Substitutability Criteria of Drugs Approved via the Hybrid Pathway (Article 10(3))
P-80 UHLJAR, Luca Éva Preformulation Studies of Polymeric Nanocapsules
P-82 VIRÁG, Dávid Investigating the Structural Alterations of Alpha-1-Acid Glycoprotein in Malignant Diseases
P-83 WOBUOMA, Patience PEGylation and Formulation Strategies for Antimicrobial Proteins and Peptides
P-84 YANG, Jieru Delivery of a Peptide-Based Vaccine against Group A Streptococcus with the Help of Cell Penetrating Peptides
P-85 MUCSI, Zoltán Revolutionary Application of 3D-Two-Photon Microscopes for Human Therapy and Drug Research
P-86 BEHR, Heiko Analytical Comparison of Infliximab and Related Biosimilars